Too much fake news. I am tired of lies. Thank you Jordan for speaking the truth

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I totally agree with you. I have been thinking this for quite awhile. It is nice to see I am not the only one.

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Feb 24, 2022Liked by Jordan Sather

This analysis aged well

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You’re right on target with this commentary!! As soon as the dems got in office this stuff started happening! There are no conspiracy theories, but there are no coincidences!!

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Just what I thought - but I didn't think of the "False Flag" Expose going on. Brilliant!

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Great article! I think you're right on top of it!

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President Putin is all that stands between us and WWIII. Thank God for this SANE world leader!! I constantly pray for him to out smart the war mongers!! I think the Deep State has not yet wrung out every drop of money off the backs of the poor Ukrainians, so they want to abuse them MORE!! We all saw the tapes of Joe Biden laughing and bragging about how he forced Poroshenko to fire the only prosecutor who was trying to convict the evil doers and try to clean up at least a little of the corruption there! Outrageous arrogance!! Americans, by and large, have no clue of what's really going on in that part of the world!! Thank God for YOU, Jordan! You're at least ONE voice crying in the wilderness!

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Nicely put, Jordan!

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They really are stupid. But they don't know it cuz they're arrogant.

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Spot on! Anyone with a smidgen of critical thinking ability could see thru this nonscense

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This is all fake news from DC. Russia is not going to invade Ukraine in February in the notorious muddy season. Any troops and vehicles will be bogged down in the mud until spring is over. Ukraine is very valuable as it produces enough wheat to feed the entire world. It’s bad enough that the US already has a puppet government running things over there.

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If Putin wanted It he’d already have it…so yes masterful trolling.

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BRAVO JORDAN! Solid article. For sure you have this gift of plowing through the rough terrain of garbage strewn reporting offering clarity and truth.

Thank You.

Have been deliberately staying away from the idiotic talking heads' double speak jargon while being selective in who could possibly provide correct thinking behind the global blowhards.

You are someone this household respects & looks toward for valuable insights.

This illegitimate regime in The White Castle of lies & deceit is focusing their willfully blind and deaf public on Ukraine & Russia so no one thinks to look at Syria and Iran's purposeful dalliance with Russia.

Keep getting your thoughts & insights out there. Always fortunate to receive your emails.


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Fake News Media Complex (FNMC), gotta love that Jordan, thanks for the article, I have shared around! Speaking of the militarization of social networks. Several founders of social media giants don't use them and keep them away from their children. The co-founder of Facebook admitted that they developed this network to keep the masses addicted by exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology.

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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 14, 2022

‘ We’ll see what the Deep State’s next distraction is going to be once people realize Russia isn’t going to blink. Climate Change? Aliens? How’s Queen Elizabeth feeling?’

Two months down the road, Russia is slowly grinding down the Deep State/Cabal’s neo-Nazi footsoldiers in Eastern Ukraine. The biolabs are now out in the open and the Cabal’s money laundering and other activities have been wrecked in Europe.

Putin has also hammered the Central Bank system hard by setting up a parallel system after Russia was sanctioned and kicked off the western controlled SWIFT system.

The Deep State panicked hard at the opening of the Russian incursion and have tried everything to cripple Russia and start WW3 to stop Putin. Instead of crashing Russia’s economy Putin’s move of switching to a gold based Rouble and demanding payment for resources in Roubles has painted the EU into a corner economically and they are very reluctant to impose full sanctions on Russia lest their gas and food supply gets cut off. After an initial drop in value vs the USD the Rouble has not only recovered, it’s gotten stronger than the USD before the war.

This ‘war’ has throughly wrecked the Cabal’s Great Reset plans and anyone following the timeline can see that Omicron came along at the right time and crippled the GR plan, this event has totally derailed the DS timetable.

What is the DS doing in response?

-Accelerate the supply chain collapse

-Attempting to cripple the food supply and create a starvation crisis.

-Fast forward their introduction of Central Bank controlled Digital Currencies.

-Predict a wave of ‘cyber pandemics’ will be coming(Schwab keeps mentioning this) which will cripple the Internet and financial systems.’

-Predict a ‘new’ pandemic to start real soon now…(Bill Gates favourite saying).

-Attempting to restart Covid hysteria with more mandates, boosters and lockdowns coming soon(a Fauci favourite).

-Trying to push climate change fearmongering as justification for further economic restrictions on people.

-plus much more that hasn’t yet come to attention.

But the DS is getting their ass handed to them both internationally and on the American scene, Biden, Clinton and the other DC swamp rats are running around like headless chickens.

Clinton is looking over her shoulder as Durham slowly closes the vice grips on her and her organization.

Biden’s administration are waging an internal civil with the Harris group while evidence for the stolen elections is getting to the point of legal action by various state attorney generals and possible decertification.

Their actions above are not well planned, coordinated or well executed, they are failing but know that they cannot surrender or they’re dead.

It’s why they so desperately need a nuclear WW3 as a distraction to regroup and reassert their control, but the NATO militaries are not going along with this, makes you wonder who controls the military in these countries?

What Putin did with his move into Ukraine has shattered and severely crippled the Cabal’s financial capabilities and split the world political scene into two hemispheres, the Cabal controlled G7 nations and the BRICS coalition with much of the rest of the world quietly siding with Russia.

Their dream of the Great Reset and world domination under their elite control is almost dead.

Brian Cates substack articles make some good points in support of this premise.




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Brilliant assessment Jordan!

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