I dislike the "new age" term because it tends to be abused, from my experience mostly by conservative Christians, whose ignorance stems from a lack of study before judgement. This term can apply to anything from nutrition to yoga (sorry if you have done a plank, that's yoga!). Meanwhile I have seen so-called new age practices in church such as this idea of zapping each other with the holy spirit while simultaneously stating kundalini is of the devil. The human body works like a battery with the exchange of negative and positive ions, so there would be energy of some type flowing through the body, even if we can't understand it. Vain to say Christians understand it while judging other ancient religions for their take on the same thing. Meanwhile this whole idea that you can zap someone with the human spirit and cause them to "die in the spirit" is both blasphemous, and also akin to a Neanderthal coming back to life to find God by sticking a fork in an outlet. No one ever said that Jesus did not use science, and possibly energy in the human body, to heal people---except for maybe certain Christians who won't even study the concept. If laying on hands can heal then maybe accupuncture works on the same premise. We have denied ourselves the chance to study this fully from a scientific perspective because it has fallen under the new age term.

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The ultimate Truth worth fighting for is Love. For the rest we can totally live in our own subjective realities in some ways as long as we are bounded by Love. So we'll have to agree to disagree on some points discussed here (lol) but great podcast overall.

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Love these ‘rants’ as you call them Jordan. I enjoy the audio ones when I need to catch up to some of your ‘stuffs’ !! Law of Attraction people drive me bonkers as well....the ones I’ve met so far are not in touch with reality all the time.

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My husband actually believes that we are going to be RICH from holding defunct out of date currencies. He’s believed this for 11 years now, at least. He has spent years listening to podcasts, studying medbeds, putting together “plans” for how we will spend our billions of dollars. This is while I continue to WORK POST-RETIREMENT at least as hard as I ever worked before I retired, just to keep us afloat. He’s not a bad person, he just lives part-time in fantasy while I really could use some help with the daily requirements of living.

It’s almost led me to leave him. I honestly think he’s a bit crazy. But I tell myself he doesn’t drink, doesn’t fool around, he doesn’t gamble, unless if you consider spending thousands of dollars on defunct currencies gambling.

There is no reasoning with him. I cannot tell you how many times he’s told me “get ready, it’s about to go down, you’re going to get a big birthday/Christmas/you pick it present”.

Meantime, he hasn’t given me flowers or any kind of gift for 7 plus years now, though I tell him that would go a long way toward thanking me for all that I do to pay out bills and maintain our lifestyle.

I’m worn out.

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I agree totally with your comment about Truth. There is only Truth, no variations. In my experience, and it is just what I have come across, people who use the phrase "my truth" are actually referencing their "experience". Their experience is valid, but it's not their "truth" as regards to the greater Truth. I think we would all benefit from being able to distinguish between the two. Im not slamming anyone, but trying to express what I've noticed in these types of conversations. Truth is truth and it is greater than all of us and it belongs to all of us. Each individuals experience(s) belong to them no matter how many others have shared similar experiences.

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Great message here Jordan.

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Love it when you talk about this Jordan. It’s refreshing! I’m much older and was in the new age spiritual community for years. Thank goodness I realized how irresponsible most of the leader types, especially the more well known ones, are because they knowingly stick their heads up their asses about what’s going on here in 3D. Seems they just want to stay all stagnantly warm and fuzzy to hold onto their supportive audiences, all the while teaching them about evolution.

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Power on Jordan, appreciate your positive freq for future!!

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I agree with your wise words.

Avoiding negativity is impossible due to physics. Newton’s 3rd law:

“All forces in the universe occur in equal but oppositely directed pairs.

“There are no isolated forces; for every external force that acts on an object there is a force of equal magnitude but opposite direction which acts back on the object which exerted that external force.

“In the case of internal forces, a force on one part of a system will be countered by a reaction force on another part of the system so that an isolated system cannot by any means exert a net force on the system as a whole.

“A system cannot "bootstrap" itself into motion with purely internal forces - to achieve a net force and an acceleration, it must interact with an object external to itself.” http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Newt.html#nt3x

“False flags” and things of that nature exist because systems can’t bootstrap themselves.

False flags will continue as long as we a have our “focus” on “the show.” “The show” can’t bootstrap itself.

“Reality at Dawn” (God) transcends perceived “opposite pairs” like dark/ light.

It’s why there’s a special feeling at dawn and sunset, in those moments between dark and light.

God wins. No matter how long it takes for us to realize that physics is a Real thing; it’s God as Under-girding Principle. We can’t escape God.

To think otherwise, to think we can override God’s law by MORE POSITIVE “focus” on the negative (the show) is blasphemy.

Only God controls physics.

“Focus” appears in 87 Q drops.

Have a great day. 🙏🏻


a messenger.


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... 2nd to last paragraph should read “ ... unbalanced POSITIVE “focus” on negative ASPECTS of the show” (the show itself is neutral if we don’t “identify with” and worship it, which means place it as an idol of “focus” before God to receive worldly payoff).

God is perfect balance. Perfect means man can neither add nor take away.

We are the “arch” (as in “archetype”) of His asymptote, always striving. But first we must “focus” on “the Real” goal.

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Good one!! 🤍 love that you addressed the manifesting 🥴

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Messenger is definitely important. Sharing the message from a questionable “influencer” while trying to disregard said messenger, still promotes them and spreads their influence.

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