Jun 19, 2022·edited Jun 20, 2022

Thanks for another great article, Jordan. For all intents and purposes, the US dollar is a digital currency - everything from printing to paying to saving to investing to transferring is done digitally. And the dollar has failed dismally for the usual reasons, as fiat currencies always do.

What they don't have is "control" over the people using the dollar. Giving the government that control (via vax card, CBDC, etc.) is not only unconstitutional, it's terrifying. The banning, censoring, and de-platforming many have experienced is just a taste of things to come. Add in the inability to actually use the CBDC and you have the endgame.

Thanks also for not referring to Biden and the Dems as incompetent as many others do, along with saying what needs to be done to fix things - the actions of this regime are entirely planned and intentional.

God Bless!

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I really enjoy your writing Jordan, and actually just found your podcast. You're definitely awake when most are asleep and just say it plainly. Thank you.

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Worst case scenario, the monetary system will no longer exist

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