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I was looking at my Gmail inbox when I came across the subject line of this post.

I knew I had to open the email, and boy, what a read!

Currently, I haven't read any of the articles you allude to, but geez...even if the origins of exercise involved some people who were racist, so what?

How would that take away from anatomy and the forces of physics and gravity?

But I can go even further back in time: people have been exercising since the times of the first humans, when we had to run away from predators. I don't think race played a role there.

(Yes, people may have run away from others who were different, but I don't think that was due to race (if race was even a factor), but probably more a matter of scarcity and resources.)

But yeah...I think that, generally, we'll see things get more and more bizarre, and increasingly painful for those who choose to stay asleep.

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I can't believe you said pigskin. What R U? Racist against cops?

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Regarding anorexia, some researchers believe the reason some people feel good after fasting for a short time can be contributed to the evolution of our species. If you lived in hunter and gathering times, and you were starving, you would still need the energy to go find food.

To the contrary, exercise is good for your immune system and fights depression. The covid lockdowns were meant to weaken immune systems and weaken human interactions. That is why exercise must now be banned. The only way to do that according to them is to label it racist and hope enough people believe that.

The NFL has a problem with denying the risk of injuries and consequently delaying the money going into research for better helmets and fields. Sprung floors have existed in dance for decades, so when will football and basketball protect their athletes from injury the way ballerinas are protected? Actually in exploring this topic for a term paper, I came across the opinion that Americans clap harder when football players crash into each other. I believe boxing began as a sport in Greece and predates the invention of football.

There are men all over the world of every color who pursue sport. This reporter now wants to emasculate these men and tell them the risks of getting hurt means they should boycott this sport due to racism.

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It's gonna be racist to read their article too. lol

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Also, From Dr. Ana's Newsletter:

BREAKING: DOD CONTROLLED COVID ‘VACCINES’ FROM THE START UNDER NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAM – LIED THE ENTIRE TIME – Were NEVER ‘Safe and Effective’ https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/breaking-dod-controlled-covid-vaccines

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Jordan, Please check this out:

The entire C19 operation was a Pentagon run show planned by a secretive Cabal since 2013. The trials and FDA approval was smoke in mirrors. Please watch and share.

BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top DOD | Redacted with Clayton Morris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERvURcpg3JE

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Ecce Homo- Behold the man; in my syntax grammar being a homophobe is a fear of mankind; and race; there's only one race, but many colours; and one more thing; you the man do not vote, it's your STRAWMAN,

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Thanks you for this article. We see celebrity after celebrity and company after company promoting obesity and ill health in social media

Posts and commercials. This is after medicine has shown us that obesity is dangerous. As for football, they can’t admit that the vaccine probably caused this young man’s near death. So, the next pick? Racism.

Ridiculous. And very dangerous to those who believe the lies.


Radio Free Oxford

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Hi and all the best for a splendid, New Year. I loved to read this post and also the photo of the supremacist white men ! I looked a bit deeper and, being German from origin, I remembered "Turnvater Jahn", Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852). I find it intriguing to observe how basic human rights have been used, misused and abused during politically tense times. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn cannot definitely not be put in the corner of racism or supremacy, but had a very interesting effect on the political situation in Germany in the 19th century and later on, leading to the end of the occupation by Napoleon ! "A nation could be restored and revived by forms of gymnastics designed to transmit a collective morality as well as beneficial effects upon health and strength."

In the Oxford Reference you can read the following: "A German Prussian gymnastics educator, the inventor of Turnen, who allied a belief in the benefits of physical exercise to a creed of collective nationalism. Widely known as Turnvater (‘father of gymastics’), Jahn had studied theology and philology (language and literature) at ten universities, a restless romantic and liberal reformer who never completed his studies, and was expelled from the University of Halle in 1803, before serving the Prussian state as an agent for the ‘nationalisation of the masses’: ‘Jahn's job was to agitate among the lower middle class, particularly among the younger generation’ (Christiane Eisenberg, ‘Charismatic Nationalist Leader: Turnvater Jahn’, in Richard Holt, J. A. Mangan and Pierre Lanfranchi, eds, European Heroes: Myth, Identity, Sport, 1996). Turnen, as a paramilitary form and method of physical exercise, was part of this brief, prompted by Prussia's experience of defeat by Napoleon Bonaparte's France: a nation could be restored and revived by forms of gymnastics designed to transmit a collective morality as well as beneficial effects upon health and strength. Jahn inaugurated the open-air gymnasium, the Turnplatz, in Berlin in 1811, after beginning teaching classes at a school in 1810; gymnastics associations (Turnverein) became established swiftly throughout the country, and Jahn was well remunerated by the state. His appeal was strongest among the rising, young middle classes, particularly students and skilled artisans. His innovations included a vaulting horse, and bars and beams, for exercise. Nationalistic pride and national restoration were emphasized as the context of and predominant themes for the physical exercisers. His associations perpetuated the motto ‘Hardy, Pious, Cheerful, Free’, and Jahn combined his liberal reformism with a nationalist political vision that anticipated German unification; for his time, he was perceived as a liberal, but a change of political climate with the ascendancy of an aristocratic regime led to his exercise groups, seen as threatening to the status quo, being closed down (or relocated indoors) by the state authorities, and he himself imprisoned for six years in 1819. An adapted model of Turnen became a core element of the popular culture and associational life of 19th-century Germany, but in forms increasingly void of Jahn's vision, based in indoor facilities and absorbing elements of military drill."

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