Q Discussion: On the History and Infiltration/Subversion of the MovementListen now (25 min) | My writing and audio recordings on Substack will always be free - but you can subscribe for $5 a month to assist my works. Your…
Peter Santenello travels to Yuma Arizona with his GoPro and documents what the Mainstream Media won't tell us

February 2023

Detailing the background, history, and current frauds being run by internet influencers using "NESARA Law" and "Quantum Financial System" disinformation
Are they going to blame China or muh aliens? Either way - they sure want you focused on it.
On The Projective Psychology Of Conspiracy Theory DeniersListen now (22 min) | The attempt by "expert" psychologists to explain the behavior of conspiracy theorists only highlights their own ignorance…
New Age Bullshit!Listen now (23 min) | Common ideas and phrases said by pseudo-spiritualists that are too superficial to be taken seriously

January 2023

If only they taught us digital literacy in school - but we wouldn't be so easily manipulated if they did...
Not all anons are authentic, where have we heard that before?
Staying Motivated During the Great AwakeningListen now (24 min) | Discussion on keeping hopes alive during these turbulent times
Wall Street Journal and Washington Examiner - what is you thinking!?
"I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it." - Clint Eastwood... or any Democrat politician.
Hitting the gym more for your New Years resolution? Your white privilege is showing.